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Wish to watch the Sky dyed in your hues?
Want to take your name to the horizons?

BotLab Dynamics has got your back!
Our pièce de résistance is orchestrating soul-charging & jaw-dropping Drone Light Shows.
We have found our niche in the Drone Technology World with our gilt-edged trailblazing indigenous drones.

 Aspire to own the future? We'll be your wings!

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Yes it is legal as far as we comply with the due policies and apply for the permissions in the due time. The drones have to be made in India and DGCA compliant. Based on the location, we might need to apply to the relevant bodies such as DGCA, Ministry of Home Affairs, respective municipal bodies, local police station and nearby ATC. 

Average preparation time is 1 month. Please see the timeline for details. However, if you contact us 2-3 months beforehand, there will be more time to get permits, and cater to the feedbacks on the design animation and music.

This depends on the location and the weather conditions on that particular day. For instance, when we hosted the show in Patna, Bihar in April 2022 the visibility range was 5kms whereas when we hosted the show in Djibouti in June 2022, the visibility range was up to 10 kms.

Drone Light Shows can only be performed in open fields and away from no-fly zones. Once you book a show with us our team will evaluate the show site.

Weather conditions do impact the drone light show. The flight manager makes the final decision, and safety is always our priority. We can’t fly the drones under the rain, or if wind speed is higher than 5 knots.

There are multiple factors affecting the price, like number of drones, formations complexity, launch place and time, logistics and team accommodation. Please contact us to discuss the details.


On an average, the duration of the drone show is 15 minutes.

In that case, we can make two launches one after another. Please contact us for more details.


Yes. Please contact us to discuss this in detail.

We suggest you to contact our team and discuss the details, as drones quantity depends on the design animations.


Yes, the drone show can be accompanied with live music, intelligent lighting, holographic images, 3D project light mapping and/or other sound design.

For safety concerns we do not fly above civilians or moving vehicles. To ensure that we do a proper barricading to avoid any civilians within the flight zone.


Sure, but it depends on case to case basis.

We can fly up to 5000 drones. The optimum number of drones is determined by the available space and creative needs of your project.

We suggest you to apply at least 4-6 weeks before the show.