BotLab Dynamics is working on cutting edge drone technology from ground-up inhouse designed components.


Making all the drones position themselves precisely so that a viewer can identify a form is a huge challenge. What we have developed is capable of scaling it to thousand of drones flying in detailed vivid imagery.

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In the news17th February 2022
Drones made by IIT-Delhi-incubated startup BotLab Dynamics lit up sky at Beating Retreat ceremony

BotLab Dynamics, a startup incubated at IIT Delhi, has been working on building robotics for more than 5 years. The drones made by the IIT-Delhi startup lit up the sky at the Beating Retreat ceremony and also this Republic Day.

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In the news29th January 2022
Beating Retreat: IIT alumni startup behind 1,000-drone show

The Indian startup, which will mesmerise the audience at the Beating Retreat ceremony on Saturday with a 1,000-drone light show, took up the challenge to “develop the technology in just six months”.

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BotLab Dynamics Drone Light Show
Drones4th November 2021
Celebrating Diwali without fireworks with drone light show

We celebrated Diwali in an eco-friendly way through a drone light show conducted by BotLab Dynamics at IIT Delhi. We wish everyone a safe and happy Diwali. Watch Now

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Times of India Logo
In the news30th September 2021
[Times Of India] Fire without smoke: Delhi bedazzled by drone show

Move over laser, a drone light show is the new king of night-sky spectacles. On Tuesday, the city got wowed, possibly for the first time, by this new

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India Today Logo
In the news29th September 2021
[India Today] IIT Delhi organises first-of-its-kind drone show at IIT Delhi

Drone Federation of India conducted a first-of-its-kind drone show at IIT Delhi wherein a swarm of 80 indigenously built drones took off, dazzling onlookers.

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Republic World
In the news29th September 2021
[Republic World] Drone Federation Of India, BotLab jointly Host All-Indian Drone Light Show At IIT Delhi

The most prominent forms which were built at the drone light display show were a DNA structure, cylindrical cone, Indian flag, as well as a 'Thank U' design.

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